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description, concept, collective history


Two weeks before the event the doorbell rang in Paradiso. At the door was Charly Jungbauer. "I guess you are in trouble having promised this network, and so on, I like it, I will make your network happen... " And he and his gang sat in Amsterdam for two weeks in the hot summer of 1989 stripping cables, making hubs, providing a network. Only when Charly Jungbauer appeared at the door did I realise the different specialties we needed to make this work.

  • description, argument, collective history

    Skills impact identity

    Caroline Nevejan –

    Before the GHP, Paradiso had an Ethernet installed in the building, at the time this was already quite something. The Ethernet connected ...

  • argument, conclusion, theory

    Words that act

    Caroline Nevejan –

    When I was preparing for the GHP I was working closely with people who knew how to operate computers at the time. During my studies at ...

  • argument, collective history, key-informants

    Technological literacy

    Caroline Nevejan –

    The people who were reporting in the edit group were all social scientists and/or journalists. The gap between the edit group and the ...

  • concept, argument

    Words can be deeds

    Caroline Nevejan –

    In 1955, J.L. Austin formulated the notion of 'performativity' in a series of lectures at Harvard University. They were published in the ...