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Caroline Nevejan

Caroline Nevejan is the author of the here presented dissertation. Nevejan is an independent researcher and designer, working in an international context from out Amsterdam.

Nevejan, Caroline and Patrice Riemens. 1989. Foreword. In The Seropositive Ball, An impressionn of the 69–hour seropositieve ball held at Paradiso in June 1990, ed. Heleen Riper, David Garcia and Patrice Riemens, 5–7. Amsterdam: Center for Innovation and Cooperative Technology of the University of Amsterdam.

Nevejan, Caroline and Patrice Riemens. 1995. Vital Information for social survival. In Essays on Communicatiion, Chitrabani Jubilee Book, ed. Gaston Roberge. Calcutta: Chitrabani.

Nevejan, Caroline. 2001. Synchroon and Asynchroon, Onderwijsvernieuwing in de informatiesamenleving. Amsterdam: Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

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