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description, concept, argument


On that first day a man who we did not know walked into Paradiso with a picture-phone. OK said Crunch, 'lets see our Russian friends, they have a picture phone as well'... 45 minutes later the blurb on the screen actually opened up. We saw an image of some guys, clearly 'Russian guys' and it was renewed every few seconds. We understood their wave. Because saying 'Hi' and a Wave is the first indication of new things in these times; because an exchange of 'Hi's confirms the connection. And I was in awe. I can still see the image in my mind. There were three or four guys, one at the top of the image who was acting as the spokesperson, the social interface, happily chatting away with Crunch.

  • description, argument, subjective, collective history

    An interactive representation of a possibility

    Caroline Nevejan –

    This picture-phone connection was not documented in the proceedings, nor was it announced in the programme. It did not crop up in any of ...

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  • description, argument, collective history, general history, key-informants

    Grand scenario's in hindsight and hacker sensitivity

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