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The development of sign systems, counting systems, script, drawing, painting and the later development of mechanical reproduction technologies like the printing press, the telegraph, telephone, photo, film, radio and television was a result of the wish to communicate with people who are present in other places and/or at other times. In this sense media history can be read as the development of presence technologies

  • description, citation, argument, general history

    Human history from the perspective of presence technologies

    Caroline Nevejan, Anthony Giddens, Marshall McLuhan –

    Even architecture can be read as presence technology since it shapes an infrastructure that facilitates certain forms of communication ...

  • description, concept, definition

    The broad spectrum of information and communication

    Caroline Nevejan –

    The broad spectrum of information and communication technologies can be divided into three groups of technologies from the perspective ...

  • description, general history

    Surveillance and identification technologies: witnessing at a distance

    Caroline Nevejan –

    The first group of surveillance and identification technologies that I will consider is concerned with the monitoring of physical ...

  • description, general history

    Social network technologies: connecting at a distance

    Caroline Nevejan –

    Internet facilitates communication and information exchange with people who are present 'anywhere' on the planet. The telephone and ...

  • argument, collective history, general history

    Sharing economies

    Caroline Nevejan –

    The new information and communication technologies facilitate a sharing of knowledge that was not possible before. Both the speed of ...

  • description, argument, theory

    Aura's in the digital age

    Caroline Nevejan –

    A variety of sciences and practices can be understood from a presence perspective, as has been stated above. This study focuses on ...

  • description, argument, collective history

    Automation and transaction technologies: acting at a distance

    Caroline Nevejan –

    In automation and transaction technologies a series of predefined actions has to be executed to allow a certain person to do something. ...

  • description, citation, argument, general history

    Monitoring digital presence

    Caroline Nevejan, Steve Wright, Glyn Ford, Valerie Steeves –

    Digital behaviour is also monitored. By gathering and analysing server information the behaviour and the actions of online identities ...

  • description, argument

    The social effect of databases

    Caroline Nevejan –

    Internet facilitates the storage and exchange of text, images, sound, music, film, radio and live broadcasts. With over one billion ...