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Presence as a phenomenon is, in the first instance, associated with being physically present. Our natural presence is defined by our body, which is present at a certain moment in a certain place, and this is perceived by the body itself and/or by its environment. With our body, and through our body, we move through time and move from place to place. The impact of our actions can reach beyond this time and place. The action itself starts from the time and place where the body is. Natural presence is dependent upon our physical presence. This study assumes that to have presence one needs to be alive.

  • proposal, argument

    Being alive

    Caroline Nevejan –

    People who have died can have all sorts of presences in the variety of cultures that the human race has produced. Pictures, statues and ...

  • description, citation, argument, general history

    The sense of presence is part of human evolution

    Caroline Nevejan, Giuseppe Riva, John A. Waterworth, Eva L. Waterworth –

    Riva, Waterworth and Waterworth were inspired by Damasio in their proposal for a deeper understanding of Presence. After having studied ...

  • description, argument, parresia

    Blurring between real and unreal

    Caroline Nevejan –

    For survival, the blurring between real and unreal situations is problematic at first sight. When one needs to act for survival one has ...

  • concept, argument, general history, theory

    Enacting 'being alive'

    Caroline Nevejan –

    Haraway's insights imply consequences for the sense of presence on an even deeper level. In the work of Haraway, and others like Judith ...

  • description, concept, definition

    The layers of presence

    Caroline Nevejan –

    In 2004 an amazing article was written, 'The Layers of Presence: A Bio-cultural Approach to Understanding Presence in Natural and ...

  • A stranger on my path

    Caroline Nevejan, Irma –

    When I am confronted by a stranger on my path, I have to know whether he is really there and whether he will attack me or not. I have to ...

  • description, argument, theory

    We have all become 'cyborgs'

    Caroline Nevejan, Donna Haraway –

    Another element in thinking about natural presence in modern life is elaborated upon by Donna Haraway. She argues that technologies have ...