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The question "How to design presence in environments in which technology plays a crucial role?" is critical in the current era when social systems like law, education, health and business all face major challenges about how to guarantee trustworthy, safe, reliable and efficient services in which people interact with, and via, technology.

The speed and scale of the collection and distribution of information that is facilitated by technology today demands a new formulation for basic concepts for our modern societies like property, copyright, privacy, liability, responsibility and so forth. The research question assumes that presence is a phenomenon that we have to understand much better than we currently do, if we want to be able to formulate new concepts of design that will be capable of dealing with these new challenges. In this study, presence is understood as a phenomenon that is part of human interaction. Being with another person, at a certain place, at a certain time in a certain action is changing because of the fact that technology mediates, contributes, controls and/or facilitates communication. This study accepts all kinds of presences as a starting point. Generally I do not distinguish between the different technologies that facilitate mediation. My focus is on the effect of mediation itself.

  • description, general history

    Establishing trust and truth

    Caroline Nevejan –

    As a concept, presence does not only have philosophical, biological, psychological and technological dimensions. It also affects ...

  • concept


    Caroline Nevejan –

    In nature, adaptation processes have created bio-diversity. In today's world, where technology is embedded in so many systems, we are ...

  • definition, specific

    The Word 'trust'

    Caroline Nevejan –

    The word 'trust' in the title of the dissertation points to the qualitative standards for the settings of social interaction I intend to ...

  • methodology, specific, theory

    'Social theory' provides context

    Caroline Nevejan –

    The study "Presence and the Design of Trust" wants to explore the influence of technology on the social structures that evolve ...

  • argument

    Scale challenges structure

    Caroline Nevejan –

    Technology strives to develop better and more numerous translations and mediations of presence. The 'classical structures' try to adapt, ...

  • definition

    The word 'Design'

    page 23

    Caroline Nevejan –

    The word 'design' in the research question of this study refers to the practice of creating experiences for people by making products or ...

  • proposal, methodology, specific

    A pragmatic perspective on trust:universal declaration of human rights

    Caroline Nevejan –

    While conducting the research I found that I needed to make trust operational from the pragmatic perspective of individual human beings. ...

  • definition, methodology, specific

    Two case studies of two networked events

    Caroline Nevejan –

    This is an exploratory case study in which two networked events that took place in Amsterdam in 1989 and 1990 will be analysed. A ...