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concept, argument, personal history, collective history, conclusion


As elaborated upon in chapter 1, I have approached the research question of this study "How to design presence in environments where technology plays a crucial role?" through an iterative design process in which the writing of stories informed the descriptions and the analysis carried out. The descriptions of the case studies were largely the result of a techno-biographical manner of working in which I confronted the stories and memories from the text laboratory with the over 2000 archived documents. As with the Galactic Hacker Party, I will summarize and elaborate upon certain issues below that surfaced because of the act of parresia, which refers to the action of speaking the truth from a specific personal experience and a recognised ethical position. I will address the context of the concept of the 0+Network, vital information, crucial network and orchestrating chaos.

  • description, concept, argument, personal history, theory, text laboratory

    The context of the concept of the 0+network

    Caroline Nevejan –

    In the fall of 1989 we discussed what an AIDS network might entail, as can be seen from the message we sent out in November to Lee ...

  • description, concept, argument, conclusion, text laboratory

    Crucial Network

    Caroline Nevejan –

    When one organizes a conference the question about who will participate is of great importance. For a public debate to be a contribution ...

  • concept, argument, personal history, conclusion, text laboratory

    Vital information

    Caroline Nevejan –

    At the 0+Ball we communicated and exchanged pieces of information that dealt with life and death issues, with finding strategies ...

  • concept, argument, theory, parresia, text laboratory

    Orchestrating chaos

    Caroline Nevejan –

    To be able to gather the crucial network, I looked for 'the third point' in the conferences I orchestrated. This is the point that all ...