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The impetus for undertaking this study emerged from my professional practice of 'making things happen' in the evolving digital culture of Amsterdam between 1988 and 2003. As will become clear later, I draw upon a great number of my own experiences and perceptions in trying to understand more about the design of presence. Therefore, my work as a designer and producer of concepts has had a significant influence on the work conducted here. The manner in which I have embedded my own experiences will be addressed in the next section. Here, I want to sketch briefly how the question "How to design presence in environments in which technology plays a crucial role?" has been informed by my 15 years of 'making things happen'.

  • description, citation, argument

    Practice of design changed

    Caroline Nevejan, Peter Lunenfeld –

    Because of the development of digital technology, design practice has changed rapidly over the last two decades: the tools used to ...

  • description, collective history

    Demo or die

    Caroline Nevejan –

    While I was associated and involved with Internet design over the last 15 years I observed hype after hype arise. New tools shed new ...

  • specific, general history

    Millions of people have gone online

    Caroline Nevejan –

    This study aims to contribute to design as research from the perspective of the social sciences. In 1993 the graphical interface to the ...

  • theory, question

    Unity of Time, Place and Action

    Caroline Nevejan –

    In the performing arts the "Unity of Time, Place and Action", which is attributed to Aristotle even though he did not actually ...

  • description, question

    Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the Digital University of the Netherlands

    Caroline Nevejan –

    In 1999 I started working for the University of Professional Education in Amsterdam and through this institution I was involved in the ...

  • argument, personal history, conclusion

    Design and human behaviour

    Caroline Nevejan –

    This statement by Lunenfeld resonates with the experience that the research question at the heart of this study was originally ...

  • citation, theory

    Deep design

    Peter Lunenfeld, Caroline Nevejan –

    Lunenfeld argues for a deeper understanding of design from a historical and aesthetic perspective. "Even more important than ...

  • description, personal history, collective history

    Waag Society and Performing Arts Labs

    Caroline Nevejan –

    My personal professional history during these 15 years has been characterized by affiliations to four organizations, which have each ...

  • methodology, collective history, question

    Fundamental research in the performing arts

    Caroline Nevejan –

    The staging of 'networked' performances was especially useful because fundamental issues could be explored in short periods of time. ...

  • description, personal history, collective history, question

    Doors of Perception

    Caroline Nevejan –

    A last crucial influence that I will discuss in my approach and my understanding of the research question "How to design presence ...