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description, collective history


It was dark in Paradiso in early August 1989. The light of computer screens created a blue fluorescent mood. Off to the right-hand side, in the middle of the floor of the main hall, we had built 'the cockpit', a collection of all kinds of computers, which would be able to facilitate all the connections we were planning. It was lit by one light bulb which was hanging down from the high ceiling of the former church Paradiso. Above the stage there was a screen, to show 'connections' live.

  • description, collective history

    Galactic Hacker Party/International Conference on Alternative use of Technology Amsterdam

    Caroline Nevejan –

    We had worked for several months to make this happen together with Rop Gonggrijp note 92 and Patrice Riemens note 93 . Meeting the ...

  • description, collective history, general history


    Caroline Nevejan –

    In the press the issues of the new computer era, which were raised by the GHP, were sketched convincingly. Hackers want to show that ...

  • description, personal history, collective history, techno-biography

    Several kinds of documentation

    Caroline Nevejan –

    The source material for this case study consists of several kinds of publications. There are the proceedings, published by Paradiso and ...